Are you feeling stuck
within the same practice
every day?

Have you felt the stress of wondering how to level up your practice but can't

figure out a path that won't take you at

least 2 years?

In the medical world, adding a new skill implies years of study and money, what can make you feel anxious, discouraged, and confused. 

We strongly believe that putting at least some medical knowledge in service shouldn't be so extenuating. 
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Next Date: August 18th and 19th 2022
16-hour Course
Varicose Veins: how to diagnose
and deal with them from day one
for non-specialized doctors
Not ready for August?
Gain a new Skill and Knowledge in 16 hours,
entering a specialty that is both 
important for health and empowering for self-image
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Confidence in more
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A new Source of
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Handle your Time
with Ease
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Build Trust with
your Patients
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Offer more Services
and Solutions
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Enjoy a Brighter
Future Today
We know how complicated it could be when you are a doctor looking for a new source of knowledge and income.
Dr. Cabrera has specialized in Varicose Veins during the last 30 years, bringing a huge knowledge and knowhow to an industry that is both important for health and empowering for self-image.
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Dr. Alejandro G. Cabrera, MD
IVT Director
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Ismary Santos, RDMS, AB, OB/GYN
(Owner of Ivue Imaging, LLC) practicing as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer since 2014.
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iVue imaging LLC is an exceptional Florida-based diagnostic mobile solution that offers the convenience of an outstanding in-house ultrasound and customer service for both provider and patient.
Highly experienced, handpicked registered diagnostic medical sonographers, thoroughly trained in both the machine and the specialty, are tailored to your facility's needs.
The knowledgeable technologist, the state-of-the-art machine, all ultrasound supplies, including gel bottle warmers and cavi wipes, a HIPPA compliant PACS system, and the option to partner with one of the best reading providers that Florida has to offer.
"Vein Course gave me the opportunity to explore a specialty I did ’t know very much. Got the competence to perform a systematic Ultrasound Examination, allowed me to establish the right Diagnosis and Treatment Plan to the patients."

Dr. Maria de Los Angeles Romero , MD
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"I did the Course in March 2018.
Have joined the Veintec’s family in Chile after the Course has been a very enriching experience which has allowed me to grow personally and professionally, getting and increasing knowledge in Phlebology in a respectful and trusted environment."

Dr. Orianna Moreno, MD
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"I'm fully satisfied about the overview I got at The Induction Course. It has been an excellent academic and professional experience, which has allowed me to get the tools for establishing the Treatment Plan for my patients. All of this with guidance from an excellent team of professionals."

Dr. Kimberly Moreno, MD
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How to gain a new skill in 16 hours:
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for our 16-hour
Course in the beautiful, warm, open city of Miami.
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all the knowledge
needed to start offering a new service next day.
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a new way of helping
others, a new source of income, and improve your practice.
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Are you a young Doctor under 40 years old? 
Our Institute wants to help you launch your career higher. 

We have SCHOLARSHIPS for you!