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Varicose veins: How to diagnose and deal with them

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Learn how to accurately diagnose Varicose Vein
Correct use of equipment
How to select and use the required equipment
How to treat the first 2 type of Varicose Veins
Better communication
A new process of patient doctor communication
Learn to get equipment
What and where to buy everything you will need in your practice
You get all the information that you will need available during 90 days

Alejandro Cabrera M.D.
Phlebology Specialist

Founder And Director of the Institute of Vein Technology of Miami.

Founder of The First VEINTEC, varicose vein clinic outside the U.S. in Santiago de Chile.

Over 25 years of experience in varicose veins treatments, always on the vanguard with the latest treatments and technology in the phlebology field.

Have you felt the stress of wondering how to level up your practice but can't figure out a path that won't take you at least 2 years?
In the medical world, adding a new skill implies years of study and money, what can make you feel anxious, discouraged, and confused. 
We strongly believe that putting at least some medical knowledge in service shouldn't be so extenuating.
You have 90 days to complete the course
14 Sessions on video to make a more dynamic experience
You will learn a new skill to put in service
Improve your practice with the new knowledge you'll get on this course
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